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Lübeck cathedral celebrates its birthday. Information for visitors

Lübeck cathedral celebrates its birthday.
This year Lübeck's oldest church will be 850 years old.
Unbelievable: so old and still so young and alive.

That is why we will be celebrating a festival in the summer - not just a parish festival, but a festival for the whole town, for all generations and with everyone who would like to join in the celebrations - and preferably with you!
We cordially invite you.
It should be a real birthday party with everything that goes with it.

  • With song and play and dance.
  • With hustle and bustle under a wide sky and a sea of lights under the stars.
  • With concerts and lectures.
  • With a 10-day festival week from 23 June to 2 July and two festival services.
  •  With a stage and a big picnic on the lawn in front of the cathedral.
  •  With a baptism festival and many surprises.

We look back and ask what was. That is part of a round birthday.
We look to today and to the future, because every birthday is the beginning of a new year of life.

We are looking forward to this festival.
Celebrate with us!

The next events in this birthday year

  • 27 April 7 pm Lecture in the Cathedral
    "Souls of the City - Challenges of City Church Work Today"
  • 12 - 14 May Workshop in the East Choir of the Cathedral
    "How lovely are your dwellings"
    Living Psalms in Lübeck Cathedral
  • 1 June 6 pm Lecture in the Audience Hall of the Town Hall
    "Parish and Reformation on the edge and in the middle of the town".
  • 23 June Opening of the festival week with music and evening blessing on the cathedral lawn
    and a special surprise